Govt pushes forward Thailand 4.0 development plan


In a weekly televised address, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said that moving towards a new economy model known as Thailand 4.0, requires His Majesty the King’s Sufficiency Economy philosophy.

The process to improve the country under the Thailand 4.0 concept must be in accordance with the 20-year strategic plan, according to a report by the National News Agency of Thailand. The government’s efforts to mobilise the economy will be achieved through the “Pracharat” approach.

The Prime minister commented that Thailand’s success in promoting the auto-mobile industry, now that the country has become an eco-car production hub, and the industries of rail and bio-diesel have potential to attract foreign investment.

The construction of the Rubber City will help solve the low rubber price issue, while the government will use different measures to handle the low price of other agricultural products, such as adjusting the cultivation or add value to the produce.

SOURCE: National News Bureau of Thailand.