Rowdy passengers cause Thailand-bound Jetstar flight to divert to Bali


A Jetstar flight from Sydney, Australia to Phuket was diverted to Bali due to a group of rowdy passengers, the airline said in a statement.

The airline said that six passengers travelling on last night’s flight JQ27 were being disruptive and refused to follow directions from the crew.

It’s not clear if there were any physical confrontations, but the captain apparently decided to fly to Bali.

Once the jet touched down in Denpasar, Indonesian police took the passengers from the aircraft which then continued on to Thailand.

A spokeswoman for Jetstar said the other passengers thanked the crew for removing the group.

“We take safety and security seriously and we don’t tolerate disruptive behaviour by passengers on our flights”, she said, adding “The other customers onboard supported the decision to offload the group in Bali and thanked the crew”.