Taiwanese arrested using counterfeit bank cards in Bangkok


Four Taiwanese nationals were arrested in Bangkok at the weekend for using counterfeit bank cards, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Taiwan’s representative office in Thailand has been informed about the case and identified four of the country’s citizens in police custody on Monday.

The four were arrested by Thai police after two of them were seen acting suspiciously on a street in Thailand’s capital.

Thai police said 29 counterfeit cards and a large amount of cash were found on the men, while in the place they rented, two other people and equipment used to make fake cards were discovered.

The two others attempted to bribe the police with 300,000 baht, which was rejected and they were arrested, the police said.

An investigation showed the four people entered Thailand in May on tourist visas. According to Thai authorities, if they are found guilty of counterfeiting cards and bribery, they could face a minimum prison term of five years and a fine of 100,000 Baht.

SOURCE: The China Post.


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