Department of Fisheries Forms Masterplan to Solve Labor Problems


Thailand’s Department of Fisheries is working alongside the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in an attempt to tackle the country’s fishery problems. The department is committed to solving the labor issues that have caused the country to be criticized and potentially red carded by the European Union.

The plan will help protect against human trafficking in the country and protect labor rights.

The entire supply plan is included in the larger plan to stop the pertinent issues in accordance to the national agenda.

The Masterplan for Labour Problem Resolutions in the Fishery Industries was first drafted on June 22, 2014 where practical guidelines were put in place to help solve the human trafficking issues plaguing the industry. Fishing vessel legalization practices were put in place as well as a port in and port out control system that tightened control over the fishery industry.

The plan received a positive approval from all parties involved in the matter.

The Masterplan has been approved by the Chairman of the National Policy Commission on Labour Migration, and the National Council for Peace and Order.  The goal of the plan is to resolve human trafficking and labor migration in the industry.

There are 10 key plans included in the Masterplan that aim to greatly improve the working conditions on fishing vessels in the country. Migrants and nationals will both be protected under the plan. The plan’s conditions will allow for Thailand to fully comply with international standards and remove the threat of a European ban, which would harm the fishery industry.