Some Digital TV Providers Oppose Second Master Plan Drafting


The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) is facing opposition from some digital TV stations over its drafting of a new master plan for radio and television. Nation TV station asserts that the NBTC “should extend the execution of the current plan until the term of the five members comes to an end.”

Nation TV states that there are still issues in the broadcasting industry that have yet to be corrected under the former master plan.

New TV and TNN 24, both stations in Thailand, agreed with Nation TV that the current problems must be fixed by the broadcasting regulator before moving forward. The quality of digital TV signals and a timeframe for moving away from analog permanently are two topics mentioned by the TV stations.

The current plan is expected to expire next April, with many TV stations believing that the promises of the plan have not been realized.

A new plan that is restructured under the ‘digital economy’ is proposed by the NBTC. The NBTC reaffirms that the new plan will not be implemented immediately and is just a way to prepare for the new plan and get ideas down on paper.

The idea for a new policy was mentioned during an NBTC workshop and was raised among digital TVs stations.

Digital TV signals in the country are unsatisfactory, according to TV operators. The signals are not able to compete with the quality provided through satellite TV. The concern is expected to make it into the second master plan and be a top priority for the NBTC.