Royal Enfield motorbikes launches retail operations in Thailand


Royal Enfield just announced the launch of its retail operations in Thailand, with prices unveiled for its complete range of motorbikes, apparel and accessories at its first exclusive store in Thonglor, Bangkok.

Royal Enfield‘s first store in Thailand has been created by General Auto Supply Co. Ltd. In Bangkok, the firm’s most iconic bike, the Bullet (the world’s oldest motorcycle in continuous production since 1932) is available for 179,800 Baht for a 500 cc model.

Royal Enfield’s retro street model, known for its classic styling, and called the Classic 500, is available for 189,800 Baht, and the Classic Chrome for 198,800 Baht. The Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 cc cafe racer is available for 219,800 Baht.

“We see a huge potential for our evocative, all purpose, and middle-weight (250-750cc) motorcycles that will allow customers an optimum choice for upgrade”, said Arun Gopal, International Business Head of Royal Enfield.

Aiming to become the leader in the global mid-sized motorcycle segment, Royal Enfield has been expanding across the UK, Europe, Latin America, West Asia and now in South East Asia with its most recent launch in Indonesia.

In December 2015, Thailand held the position of the fifth largest two-wheeler market in the world.

As part of company’s international strategy, RE is focused on building the brand and creating demand in  cities across the world such as London, Bogota, Medellin, Dubai, Madrid, Paris, Jakarta and most recently Bangkok.

The company is working to create a robust eco-system comprising of retail experience and aftermarket capabilities, rides and community events and other adjacencies that bring to life the heritage and world of Royal Enfield.

In 2015, RE sold over 450,000 motorcycles across the globe and announced its plan to produce up to 900,000 motorcycles by the end of 2018, from two of its existing manufacturing facilities and a third upcoming facility, in Tamil Nadu, India.

SOURCE: Business Standard.