Home Builder Association Committed to Vocational Scheme to Train New Technicians


Shortages are growing and turnover rates for technicians are on the rise in Thailand’s construction industry. The lack of skilled personnel has led the Home Builder Association (HBA) to reaffirm the association’s commitment to a scheme that will provide on-the-job training for design, drafting and engineering.

Pichit Arunepunlop, president of HBA, says,“The key problem in homebuilding is a shortage of foreman.” Foreman are in high demand and are often sought after by contractors and developers. The president stated that the turnover for foreman is high and that the younger generation doesn’t show the same level of interest working outdoor jobs.

The association joined with the Join Government-Private Sector Committee and Dusit Technical College three years ago to support the industry. The three entities will work together to provide on-the-job training in a dual vocational system.

Students selected for the training will be selected and must graduate with a certificate to train as a foreman’s assistant. The students that are selected for the program will be required to work four days per week and will earn a salary of 9,000 baht in the process. Students will be required to study two days per week at Dusit Technical College to learn the theory behind construction and implement what they learn on-site.

Participants in the program will have the chance to learn and apply their knowledge in a real-world environment. The two-year program costs 200,000 baht per student and home builders that employ the students will pay the salary and tuition costs of the student. Those that successfully finish the program will be guaranteed a salary of 15,000 baht per month with the home builder that funded the training.

Students will be required to remain with their backing home builder for two years after training.