Thai Woman Sells Drugs to Get Divorced


A 39-year old woman from Thailand was arrested for selling drugs while awaiting her divorce settlement. Patcharathida Jantasut was found with 5.5 kilos of marijuana and 329 Ya Ba pills stashed in her apartment in Udon, according to reports.

Udon police were tipped off to the woman selling drugs.

Patcharathida defended her drug selling operation to police, stating that she was awaiting a divorce settlement from her husband of one year. She alleges that her marriage to her husband was coming to an end because he committed adultery. Her unnamed husband had an affair and relationship with another woman, and the two were scheduled for divorce at the end of June.

Patcharathida was arrested days before her divorce settlement was finalized.

Her husband agreed to pay her a settlement of 100,000 baht. Patcharathida claims that she needed 90,000 baht to be able to arrange for work in Taiwan. A friend of Mrs. Patcharathida by the name of “Oi” suggested that she start selling drugs to raise the money.

Mrs. Patcharathida was eager to begin when Oi finally arrived with her husband. Oi supplied approximately seven kilos of marijuana to Patcharathida along with 400 Ya Ba pills. Patcharathida states that she sold 5,000 baht of drugs on her first sale to a male named Best.

She is charged with possession and intent to sell class one drugs.

Mrs. Patcharathida’s husband may be a narcissist, according to a publication on narcissism and divorce. High conflict divorces often include a partner that is charming and persuasive, but that partner quickly loses interest once his desire is fulfilled.

“He fulfilled his want for his wife by marrying her, and then lost interest. This is typical narcissistic behavior,” states Brad Micklin.

Thailand divorces are difficult for foreigners. Recent reports point to a 27% increase in divorce rates in Thailand in the last decade, and this figure likely doesn’t include expats. Foreigners that are married overseas and never registered their marriage in Thailand will face difficulties.

The United States and Thailand do not have a treaty on how to handle marriages jointly.

Thailand does, generally, recognize marriages and divorces in other countries. The United States follows the same rules. Marriages cannot violate prohibitions to be recognized. A same-sex marriage in the United States would not be recognized in Thailand.

Thailand law will recognize marriages outside of the country.

Marriage benefits will not be established until the couple registers the marriage with the local district. Due process is needed for a divorce in Thailand to be recognized overseas and in the United States. The court must be notified through the Thai court system where a judge will provide a formal judgment on the divorce.

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will need to legalize the divorce before the United States Embassy can authenticate the divorce’s validity.

Mrs. Patcharathida’s crime of selling drugs reflects a growing problem of women divorcing and going to extremes to find financial stability due to high household debt and growing economic difficulties.