Earn to Die 3 – Sequel Ideas and Improvements for a brighter zombie-smashing


The Nation’s Favourite Type of Apocalypse

The apocalypse: portrayed frequently in fiction as coming about in many different ways from nuclear holocausts and meteorite-caused extinction events through to judgement day and zombie takeovers. Earn to Die 2012 was concerned with the latter of these dramatic events, because let’s be honest, zombie uprisings are always the subject of the most action, and even though it wouldn’t be such a breeze in real life, if The Walking Dead is anything to go by then the rise of the undead will is the most entertaining way to go. Cue the vehicle-upgrading, engine-revving, zombie- mashing madness of Earn to Die 2012, and you can see exactly why the game has so many fans. As good as the action is, though, there comes a time when you’ve played the hell out of a game and you begin to get a little peckish for a sequel. If it’s OK with you, I’d like to posit a few improvement ideas for said sequel, the inclusion of which would make for a much better gaming experience. If it’s not OK with you, then well I’m just going to go ahead and continue sharing anyway: that’s how writing works.

Full Game, Please

Alright, so Toffee Games Earn to Die 2012 was effectively just a flash-based demo that allowed us to get our foot in the door that leads to the full iOS version, but that shouldn’t mean that we shouldn’t be allowed to squeeze our faces through this gap and see more of what the game had in store for us. Developers have to make money, but it felt like that they were doing so at the expense of the flash-based version and therefore a significant proportion of the game’s fan. Whether Earn to Die 3 appears on the iOS or not, we need a flash version that is full-length and not just a truncated representative of a game that the developers want us to hand money over for.  

Enhance the Enhancements

Ok, so the fact that the game is merely a demo of the full iOS version notwithstanding, the game requires some more upgrades. The spiky bumper of Earn to Die 2012 was a nice addition, but you can’t help but feel that there is a lot more potential for stacking your vehicles with increasingly deadly weapons and contraptions to permanently re-end the life of the already-undead enemies. The heavy machinegun was pretty much the only decent gun in the game, so why not some explosive-shooting weapons like RPGs or grenade launchers? A wider selection of different engines, fuel, and other car parts should be on offer, and the spiky bumpers could give rise to spiked tyres (they worked pretty well in Nuclear Outrun) and perhaps some rotational blades that will mangle the zombies in more gruesome ways than we have seen.

Three-Car Policy

Though the restriction of three cars is symptomatic of the game being a demo of the full version, Earn to Die 3 is of course going to need more cars than the relatively restricted 3 that are available in the previous games. Perhaps a more sporty offering will keep the speed-heads satisfied, and maybe some models that you would see in real life (not that the game is concerned with realism; it’s about a zombie uprising after all). All I’m asking for is a varied fleet of cars to use as four-wheeled (maybe more or less, depending on the type of vehicle) weapons against the enemy.

Lengthy Request

Another complaint about the truncated nature of the game, I know, but we’re going to need more than simply 3 levels to beat in the next one. I want to see us travel across the country, escaping from zombies as you go and surviving just one more day in order to do it all again on the next. Maybe we could assume control of a survivor/group of survivors across different countries as well, just to inject maximum variety into the game and allow us to make sure we get to use test out our upgrades in all kinds of environments.