Chaos Faction 3


The Chaos Faction games make for a good afternoon melee. The action is fast, entire matches can be settled in minutes, and the eternally random factor of items and weapons add plenty of replay value to the game. So now that we have already played a good share of the first two games, what else can we look forward to in Chaos Faction 3? Or more importantly, what more can the developers do to make the third game in the series even better? Here is a quick list of all the things that the folks behind Chaos Faction would do well to consider.

Customizable Avatars

Players are represented by the fighters they use, and while all fighters are equally balanced, having a unique look always makes things better. The second Chaos Faction game already provided a bit of mix and match when it came to creating your own fighter, but we are suggesting that the developers take it up a notch. Allowing players to customize colors, character poses, attack animations, and other features will make the game even more compelling to play –and will increase the replay value by adding an item-hunting element to the game.

Super Moves

Granted that special attacks have never truly been present in the game, nothing says over the top action than a massive power move that consumes the whole screen. Sure, it will be quite game “imbalancing”; so players should have the ability to enable or disable the feature depending on their tastes. Mix this up with customizable avatars (basically, all special moves dish the same amount of damage but simply look different).

A Full Story Mode

This often takes a lot of work and most players simply care about quick matches and online combat –but having a fully detailed campaign mode in single players means that the game already has a solid playable feature that players can latch on to or not. Add in interesting matches, huge boss fights, and good humor-filled writing and players will more than just have an option to play the story mode, they will be compelled to try it out. The other great thing about single player move is that it really works as a good tutorial for new players –something for them to get used to the controls, and be happily entertained while at the same time, avoiding the game’s unusually steep learning curve by starting out in the regular versus matches. Anyone who played the Smash Bros. games will know that the single player mode is a good way to learn stuff in a fun and entertaining way.

Weapon Combinations and Basic Inventory

There is nothing more annoying that being able to pick up a good shotgun only to accidentally grab a set of trampolines. While this original item/weapons rule does add to the greater dynamic of the game, it also adds to the frustration factor. Allowing players to stock an active weapon is a good way of keeping the combat a little more tactical and a little less about luck.

Also combining various weapons should allow for various attacks –such as double wielding guns, melee weapons or even combining stuff like bombs and the baseball bat to increase the distance of the bombs. It will certainly make a combat a whole lot more fun, and also deepen the focus of item-based combat (since that is the primary way to fight in the game, punching and kicking is at most, a basic function).

Dynamic StagesAdding stage animations is sure to increase the game’s hardware requirements, so instead of doing that, the developers can instead provide the stages with varying modes –such as platforms that permanently shift during the course of a match. A good idea would be to have a snow level and have an avalanche midway through –which then changes the way the whole landscape is laid out.A Good Online Matchup System

Be it tiers, player level, or simply being able to set basic win loss parameters, a good online match up and ranking system in Chaos Faction 3 will encourage players to take the game seriously. Players with predominantly higher win loss ratios should be paired off with the more experience players, and while newer less experienced ones should be given the chance to fight others of the same level. Since fights in this game are pretty quick, it should not be so hard to provide good player lobbies as well (which is likely where players may be spending more than the actual game itself).