Hot Dog George Bush Game


Feed Some Friendly Neighborhood Aliens

After fulfilling duties in the White House, what do politicians do for a living? Apparently, they sell hotdogs! Help ex-president Bush sell tasty sandwiches in this addicting, fast-paced time management game. While cooking hotdogs and burgers with gusto, you will meet all sorts of wacky characters. There are hobos, men in uniform and even those who will try to dine and ditch. No wonder the game has had over 300 million game plays across the globe.

Play the Game

When it comes to the controls for Hot Dog George Bush, what you see is what you get. When there is foot traffic by the stand, you will need to check on the customer’s dialogue bubble. Based on what is ordered, you choose a bun and type of meat by clicking on them. You will then need to wait for the meat to cook on the grill (but don’t wait too long, lest you risk burning it). The meat will change in color and an alarm will sound when it is ready. Double-clicking on it will send it to the bread. If the customer prefers to have sauce on his order, you can add some by dragging it to the appropriate bun. After you’ve completed the hotdog or burger, you can then deliver it to the customer. Pick up the payment once that’s done and you’re all set.

What makes this game so much more engaging than other games in the genre are the random encounters you meet while serving customers. While just being able to serve different faces is interesting enough, you will occasionally meet undesirables like the “dine and dash” character. If you want to catch this wily freeloader, you will really need to pay close attention to the payments being left on your counter. This type of customer will leave right after eating, without giving any indication that he’s going to ditch. Clicking on him as he is walking away will give you the missed payment. Missing out on the encounter means that you gave away food for free.

Did we mention that this game has aliens? No? Well you read right folks, it has green aliens, blue aliens, red aliens and a stage set in outer space. It also has bears, if you’re fond of big grizzlies. With so many zany characters, this is anything but an ordinary time management game and perhaps the best alternative to Papas Hotdoggeria for in the hot dog making games category.

Aside from sandwiches, your shop will also serve drinks and add-ons like fries. Later on, there will be large orders that have more than three items. You will be able to serve cola, sandwiches with onions and use mustard sauce. Of course, this makes your job a bit trickier as the number of combinations may get confusing in a pinch. Customers lose patience too, so you will need to watch their expressions if you don’t want them walking out. The beauty of having drinks to serve is that you can always use them to appease hungry customers while cooking their meal. Hot Dog Bush may be simple but the depth of strategy brought about by the random encounters is appealing even for hardcore time management fans.

The graphics are polished, with clean line art to depict the quirky characters. The stylized backgrounds work well with the caricatures. The colors are bright and vibrant, which sets a nice, peppy tone for the overall game. We liked the simple fonts used too, as it doesn’t take attention away from the beautiful game design.

With its solid execution and clever game play mechanics, it is evident why this game is such a popular game. However, there is really no point in using George Bush as the lead character in the game. The ex-president can be substituted with just any character and the game wouldn’t be affected. Perhaps if they included unlockable skills, thematic items or additional cameos it wouldn’t feel like such an afterthought. On the other hand, the storyline is amusing. The premise is simple and when you look back at it, the ending is predictable. But the fact that the developers went so far as to include a unique, humorous twist is reason enough to appreciate the effort.

Hot Dog Bush is truly a challenging time management title that will test your focus and concentration. It is not for those who are looking to relax but it is well-suited as a time waster to fend off boredom. Skillful players will love the title’s unique elements while newcomers could benefit from the busy game play.