Hot Dog Making Shop Games


Who doesn’t appreciate a freshly made hotdog sandwich? Not only is it filling, its toppings can also turn it from a sidewalk snack to a gourmet treat. Even if you’re watching the calories, you can always give one of these hot dog making shop games a try. Time management games like Papa’s Hotdoggeria, Hot Dog Hotshot and Hot Dog Bush will keep you busy serving hungry customers their favorite combos. Fill cups with soda, add a side of popcorn and cook some sausages to perfection. And, if you have a weakness for cute cats, you might want to check out Disney’s Mittens Hot Dog Hideaway too.

1. Papa’s Hotdoggeria

hot dog shop making games

The seventh title in Flipline Studios’ Papa Louie restaurant management series, Papa’s Hotdoggeria was released on November 2012. It takes place at the aptly named Griller Stadium, where baseball fans are just as hungry as they are excited to watch the game.

You play as either Taylor or Peggy, the characters who won in Papa’s Next Chef 2012 competition. At the start of the game, the character you’ve chosen is in line for a ticket at the start of baseball season. Just as he/she gets to the window, the seller posts a “Sold Out” sign. What rotten luck! Fortunately, he/she’s got a clever plan: work for Papa Louie so you could get inside the stadium free of charge. Sounds simple enough, right?

Just like other titles in the series, Papa endorses the keys to you and quickly makes an exit, leaving you to figure out the rest on the fly. Your job starts out easy enough. There are no customers yet and you sit back, binoculars in hand, ready to watch Pitch Hitwell do what he does best. But what’s this? Customers begin to show up and they arrive all at once. Forget the popcorn, you’ll need to get moving if you want to keep people happy.

Grill hotdogs, add toppings and pour some soda for the hungry customers. You’ll need to master the timing if you’re to serve everything cooked perfectly. It’s simple enough when you’re dealing with a single customer. Add a few more orders to juggle and you’ll need some real skills to keep up. Fortunately, there are upgrades you can purchase to improve your equipment and help extend the patience of your patrons while they’re waiting.

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2. Hot Dog George Bush

Ever wondered what former presidents do in their spare time? Well, wonder no more. In Hot Dog Bush, you get to help George W. Bush flip burgers and serve tasty sausages to the good people of New York City. For gamers with a need for speed, this time management game is hectic and oh-so-addicting. Using your mouse, you get to add meat to cook, add the buns and serve them to your hungry patrons. To make customers happy, you’ll need to time your clicks just right. Miss a beat and burgers will burn. Not only will you have wasted some precious product, you also get a hefty score penalty.

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail then you shouldn’t have any problems. Cooked items will glow so you’ll have a good indicator when to pick up the pace. If you make a mistake, you can opt to throw the spoiled food into the trash or, you can be a bit mean and still serve them to people. Burnt or raw food will give you a score penalty either way so you’ll need to watch your accuracy to progress through the game. Remember, happy customers can be generous tippers and the extra money should keep your daily goal well within reach.

If you think you have what it takes to keep bellies full in the city that never sleeps, then play Hot Dog Bush. The ex-president will thank you for it.

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3. Hot Dog Hot Shot

Sell the best hotdog’s in all of New York City in Hot Dog Hot Shot. Developed by Sweet Tooth Games, this time management game lets you compete with a number of other vendors to put your skills to the test. Want to win the Golden Hotdog? Accuracy is the key. Keep your customers’ bellies filled up with mouth-watering treats. Boil bratwursts, roll out the pretzels and keep the soda flowing as fast as you can. Speed is good, that is, unless you’re getting orders wrong. If you’re to have any chance of beating all 14 of your rivals, you’ll need to be able to juggle all the orders.

Make enough people happy and earn a score high enough to proceed to the next level. The game features fifteen locations spread across the Big Apple. While Hot Dog Hot Shot a short game, it’s not. Each location has six levels under it, and all in all the competition wraps up within fifteen in-game weeks. With a whopping 90 levels in total and a myriad of achievements to aim for, you have quite the long road ahead of you.

As if the hustle and bustle of the big city isn’t enough, you’ll also need to contend with the occasional thief who is out to steal some of your profits. There are also legit customers who forget to pay. You’ll want to keep a level head even under pressure if you’re to have any hopes of winning that award. Things getting too tough for you? Purchase some upgrades to increase your cooking efficiency.

4. Mittens Hot Dog Hideaway

Hotdogs and juggling — who knew they go together like peanut butter and jam? In Mittens Hot Dog Hideaway, you play as the sassy street cat from Disney’s Bolt. The rules are simple: do what takes to keep the sausage in the air until it drops into the paper bag. Perfect your juggling skills by timing Mittens’ jumps just right. At the start of the game, you’ll be given a single jumping sausage to head bop. Land a few of them into the paper bag and things will get just a tad more complicated. Not only will you be given an extra sausage to juggle, the rhythm will also change. Get past that and you get a third one to add to the mix. You get the picture. Sound too easy? If the having several sausages in the air isn’t enough to impress you, wait ’til you’re forced to juggle blind.

Are you competitive? In Mittens Hot Dog Hideaway, your worst enemy is yourself. Top your personal best as you keep the jumping sausages from landing on the floor. Manage to earn enough points and you can proceed to the next stage. Although you won’t be able to compete with your friends in real time, you can always compare scores with them. Remember, the game keeps track of the number of sausages you drop too.