Legend of the Void


An RPG game shot through with fantasy and some battles of a turn-based nature

Mana, Arcane Wizadry, Skills Upgrades, Daggers, Bows, and Swords: these are just a few of the features that Legend of the Void has to offer you in its engrossing gameplay of the RPG variety. Take control of your own character and follow them from amateur soldier to powerful warrior in a hearty game of adventure and strategy.

Take your Turn

If you don’t know what a turn-based battle is, the you’re probably suffering from overload of the modern game and aren’t aware of the more cerebral and patience-requiring turn-based strategy format, which bears remarkable similarity to the game of chess in its one-after-the-other arrangement and need for careful selection of your next move. The patience required is such that the format has never really taken off in the mainstream gaming arena, but RPG games such as Legend of the Void occasionally make an attempt at using the format, and it just so happens that in the case of Legend of the Void, this format works remarkably well. If RPG games tickle your French Fancy and fantasy games float your speedboat, then this one is certain to have you in a gaming coma on account of the quality entertainment that oozes out of at every turn.

Exploration and Battle

Legend of the Void’s gameplay consists of extensive exploration of your surrounding environment, going on various quests and running into frequent battles against a huge selection of enemies. The exploration takes place from a birds-eye perspective, and you use the mouse button to guide your character through the environment, clicking wherever you want him to go to make him follow. You will encounter various non-player characters (NPCs) that will help you along the way and give you quests to follow, as well as items and weapons to pick up along the way; all of these items/people are outlined in yellow or blue, whereas enemies are surrounded by a menacing red outline, just so you don’t get confused or anything.

When you encounter enemies, you zoom into a battle scenario which looks pretty much like any standoff you’re likely to see against opposing forces in an RPG game. You and your crew stand on the left side of the screen whilst the enemy stands on the right; you simply choose from your set of moves/attacks at the bottom of the screen and direct them towards the enemy of your choice. The turn-based format means that after your team has made their moves, you must stand there patiently and take the enemies’ attacks on the chin as they move in one by one to dish out some horrifically violent attacks on members of your team. The whole battle scenario feels a little bit like highly-organised assault that takes place in a very honourable and by-the-book manner. Keep an eye on your mana and your health, though, since getting too low on either can mean trouble for you and your team.

Looks and Feel

The graphics of the entire affair are fairly respectable and entirely adjustable, with three different settings allowing you to tone the intensity up or down depending on how much faith you have in your graphics card, or lack thereof. The game’s level of difficulty isn’t all that challenging, in spite of the initial battle (the loss of which turns out to be part of the story), and the tutorial fills you in on anything that you might be struggling with in the early stages. Games like this often run the risk of falling into patterns such as repetitive battles with generic enemies, but this game ensures to provide you with a set of constantly-changing foes that become more challenging as you progress. The ability to choose your character at the beginning and to upgrade your skills and attributes also adds longevity to the experience. Don’t underestimate Legend of the Void’s ability to draw you in and keep you entertained until the game’s conclusion. It makes you wonder how just one developer from Obelisk Games could be solely responsible for this game’s creation.