Monkey Games Online


A rundown of the most awesome ape games online

Most gamers would find it difficult to deny that Donkey Kong Country was (and even still is) one of the best games to ever grace the once cutting-edge console that was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Though it was a fairly typical platform game not dissimilar to Super Mario at its core, Donkey Kong Country had a certain charm that stemmed from its loveable characters, memorable enemies, and simple – yet occasionally frustratingly challenging – levels that spanned across a variety of different environments. They really don’t make games like Donkey Kong Country anymore, but flash-game developers aren’t exactly averse to including a bit of simian action in their games, even in this technological wonder-age that is 2014. You’ll find below a selection of the finest browser-based monkey games known to man and internet, therefore; we hope you find entertainment in this article’s paragraphs.

Donkey Kong Returns

Forget the cheap knock-offs of Donkey Kong that try to capitalise on the game’s famous name: the only way to go when it comes to Kong is official. But in the likely event that you can’t find an official Donkey Kong game outside of the actual console-based games from Nintendo, then Donkey Kong Returns is most definitely a close second. Forget the almost 3D antics of Donkey Kong Country however since Donkey Kong Returns is a very accurate and loyal replica of the original 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game. Most people that are below a certain age often forget that Donkey Kong started off as a villain with Mario being the protagonist of the story. It’s ok: it is easy to forget this after spending hours defeating Captain K. Rool and other Donkey Kong Country Baddies.

Donkey Kong Returns is a very impressive recreation of the original Donkey Kong Arcade Game, with everything from the original chiptune music to the pixelated graphics making it a very nostalgic experience. The gameplay involves climbing up a series of steel girders that are connected by ladders, essentially making it a fairly primitive platform game with Donkey Kong acting as the menacing presence at the top of the screen, sending various enemies such as fireballs and other harmful objects down the levels to try and thwart your attempts at ascension.

The controls are a simple affair, with movement initiated by pressing of the directional arrows and a small jump made possible by pressing the spacebar. You’ll encounter some power-up objects along the way including a hammer that initiates “hammer time” and other objects that reward you with extra points. Once you make it to the top, you progress to the next level; each level is represented by height increments, ascending 25 meters per level until you reach the top. Donkey Kong Returns is definitely one of the best online monkey games out there, an accolade owed to its visual style, simplicity, and the nostalgic value of the gameplay that makes cheap knock-offs like Konkey Dong pale in comparison.

Monty’s Moon

Though no flash game will come close to Donkey Kong Returns, Monty’s Moon is a vertical launch game that comes pretty close to the level of entertainment that Donkey Kong provides. As expected, you play as a monkey that must launch himself into the air using a special contraption that is activated by pressing the left mouse button. One launched, you must guide Monty through the air using the mouse, collecting bananas and other power-ups along the way. The ultimate goal here is to reach the moon in order to impress everyone enough to get a girlfriend. To get this far, you’ll need to purchase upgrades between launches to improve your chances.

This is a delightful launch game that has a highly-polished design with heaps of style and artistic flair. The interface is simple yet includes a HUD that displays details all of your launch such as height achieved, booster/jetpack levels, and speed. As far as games with monkeys in go, this one has quite a bit of longevity due to the upgrade system and the addictive nature of launch games in general.

Infinite Monkeys

Infinite Monkeys is one of those games that takes you by surprise. It title gives you no indication on the nature of the gameplay, which is platform-based through and through, but with some delightful and unique twists. You must make your way through the levels, overcoming obstacles and collecting bananas as you go. The game is one large adventure split into separate rooms that consist of one or more puzzles that must be overcome with a combination of manoeuvring and utilising the warp hat that you acquire early on in the game. This hat allows you to shoot a warp sphere, bending objects around it in useful ways, a property you must take advantage of if you are to complete the game’s many levels.

Infinite Monkeys is one of the best monkey-based platform games out there for your browser. The platform format is a tried and tested one but the monkey twist with a side of warping mechanics makes for an entirely unique experience. The artwork is quirky and distinguished in itself, and though not as colourful as some of the other games you’ll find at sites like (Bloons Tower Defense being probably the most colourful and unique), Infinite Monkeys is definitely one of a kind.

Monkey Kick Off

Another browser game that revels in simplicity is Monkey Kick Off. A distance-based game from Totebo that puts you in control of a monkey that is destined for many great things, Monkey Kick-Off focuses exclusively on one great thing: kicking a ball as far as you possibly can. The gameplay involves taking control of a monkey that seems to enjoy kicking the ball repeatedly in the air (often known as keep-ups), waiting for you to give him the cue to smash the ball into the distance with his foot. A simple click of the mouse or keyboard initiates the kick, the distance of which is measured and recorded before you’re then given the chance to beat this score.

Distance-based games like this aren’t exactly a new concept, with many titles like Bezerk Ball 2 and Penguin Launch offering a similar concept only with varying levels of detail and progression, Unfortunately, Monkey Kick Off which can be played here doesn’t have much of a progression system to speak of, with no upgrades or extras available for chasing during the gameplay. It’s just a case of kick and repeat, with emphasis on making the kick at the correct time to ensure you achieve maximum distance on the kick. Its design is moderately creative and the artwork colourful, but if you’re looking for a game that’s truly quirky and a bit more competitive in nature you’ll have to look beyond the animal kingdom to games that involve humans, most notably ones with giant heads like the ones in Sports Heads Soccer.