Papa’s Hot Doggeria Game


Grill a Kielbasa for Pinch Hitwell in Papa’s Hot Doggeria

You know you’re a fan of Papa Louie Gamerias when you make sandwich toppings symmetrical in real life. Or, if you know precisely what Purple Burple is. With its addictive, mouse-based game play and continuously improving mechanics, it’s no wonder that we’re all crazy over this thematic time management games from Flipline Studios. Papa’s Hot Doggeria is no exception to the rule. It has everything that makes a Gameria addicting and adds some of its own zesty improvements to make you crave for more.

Play the Game

Similar to other titles in the series, Papa’s Hot Doggeria makes use of several Stations to divide the food preparation into four. You initially meet customers and take down their hot dog preferences in the Order Station. This is where ingredients get listed on a ticket according to layer. The exact number of toppings is also noted down along with the size and type of add-ons (unlocked fizzy drinks and popcorn). The Grill Station is where you cook the meat. This involves watching the timer and flipping the sausage when necessary. The Build Station is where you reference the ticket to add sauces and toppings in the correct order. Once you are finished with the hot dog, you move on to the Pop Station to add popcorn and fizzy drinks.

Unlike previous Papa Louie Gamerias, Hot Doggeria’s system gives the added benefit of redirecting you to whichever station is most necessary. For instance, if you currently only need to take down orders then you will be brought to the Order Station. This is pretty useful when things get hectic, though you do need to adjust your mouse clicks if you’ve already gotten used to the old system.

Speaking of adjusting, there is a way to fulfill orders faster in Hot Doggeria. If you’ve already played a Gameria or two and would like to try a more challenging way to play, then you should try making your service routine a bit more efficient. Does your customer prefer Veggie Dogs to Italian Sausages? Having a good memory is not required but it sure saves you time in Papa’s Hot Doggeria. The trick here is mentally note down what the NPCs order so that you could prepare the meat as soon as you see them walk inside your shop. It’s a neat technique, but it can also be risky if you end up grasping at straws when applying it. Throwing away unordered items is worse than simply going about things in a steady pace.

One bonus for keeping your hot dog-loving customers happy is the availability of mini games. There are seven types of mini games, each with its own unique game play. For instance, you will need to make the batter strike out three times in Strike Out! While in Hallway Hunt, you attempt to follow a specific character’s eyes in order to guess where they are headed. If you are familiar with the other Papa Louie Gamerias then you will also enjoy playing Cool Shot (featuring Freezeria ingredient-based enemies), Home Run Derby (a Wingeria-based mini game) and Burgerzilla (a mini game based on Papa’s Burgeria).

We are big fans of Hot Doggeria’s graphics because of its attention to detail. Each ingredient is realistically depicted using subtle features. The shading on the tomatoes make it look juicy while the curls of the sweet popcorn almost makes our mouth water. It’s nice to see a cooking simulation game that tries to hit a homerun in the graphics department. After all, presentation matters when it comes to food.

Overall, we consider Papa’s Hot Doggeria to be a great success. Its mechanics feature beloved Gameria traits such as the organized Station system, customer preferences and addicting mini games. The delivery is nothing short of excellent considering the fact that the graphics have improved by leaps and bounds since Papa’s Pizzeria. Small improvements such as the automatic Station redirection helps keep the game accessible. Beautiful graphics drawn in signature Gameria art style tops things off perfectly.

That being said, Papa’s Hot Doggeria is just the thing for foodies, Gameria fans and cooking simulation players. It is also a fun title to introduce to young players as long as they are familiar with how the mouse works and are able to comprehend a combination of different mechanics. If you’re one of the above, then by all means, give it a try. With so many good things going for it, there’s no doubt that Hot Doggeria will keep your gaming fingers flexible with its intuitive mouse gestures and pleasantly busy game play.