Street Fighter 2 Online: The Flash CE Edition


Flash to the Past with Street Fighter 2 Online CE Edition

There are plenty of things to love about the original SF2, which is why the Champion Edition built in flash is such a fun and enjoyable game to play –provided that you have got the hang of playing fighting games using a keyboard. In any case, the Street Fighter 2 Online flash port brings all the important elements of the game –linking moves, quick combos, and all 12 classic characters at your fingertips. We highly recommend this game to both fighting game enthusiasts and for those who have never played the original. The port is loyal, accurate, and delivers great gaming experience for any player.

Play the Game

Sprite Bashing Fun

Same old look takes an all new meaning with this game as we are joyfully reunited with the original sprites from the old Capcom arcade fighting game. The character select screen alone is sure to bring back memories for the more hardcore players who have spent many hours in the arcades seeking out challenges.

The nostalgia alone is not what shines –even though SF2 is quite dated, the artwork is quite impressive. Designed for 16 bit systems, Street Fighter 2’s characters move around the screen with great fluidity and style. And every character is easily discernible with their clothes and their actions and this is what gives life to the game.

Gameplay Depth

Every single character in the original roster is back: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, E. Honda, Dhalsim, Zangief, Blanka, and the four bosses (Balrog, M. Bison, Vega, and Sagat). Since this is the Championship Edition (hence the CE in the name), then all four bosses are already unlocked and playable from the very start of the game.

Those of you already familiar with street fighter will not have to worry about the moves –all the QCF’s and QCB’s are kept intact. Those who have never played a single fighting game in their life will certainly want to research movelists online to get the hang of things.

The good part about having a wide roster (which already applies to the original 8, but is even better with 12) is the fact that the different fighters have different fighting styles. Now this may seem pretty obvious on the visual level (some characters have projectiles, others have abilities that allow them to launch themselves into the air, etc). But the depth of the character difference lies in other facets as well.

Controls are unique, some character require flowing half and quarter circle motions accompanied by a press of an attack button to perform a move. Others require you to hold a certain direction on the controller as a way of “charging”. Some characters have abilities that are performed by rapidly tapping a single button. Depending on the movelist and kinds of moves you have to perform, the gameplay differs for every character in the game.

How to Play

Now if by some chance, you have never played a fighting game ever in your life, then Street Fighter 2 CE is a pretty good game to start with. The gameplay is simple and straight forward. The game is composed of several stages, and to fully beat the game, you must complete all the stages. To beat a stage, you must win 2 out of three rounds against a single opponent. The enemy AI will grow stronger and harder for every stage you beat, so expect your skills to get honed an polish as you fight your way to the top.

While that may seem pretty simple and straightforward, the game itself has layers of combat mechanics waiting to be discovered. Feints, blocks, chain combos and so many little details will change the way each round plays. There is no single tactic that will get you to the end. Players will have to rely on skill, and that means that timing, precision, and careful planning are what’s going to keep players alive in the later stages –not button mashing.

Moving Forward

Once you have gotten the hang of Street Fighter 2, it would make perfect sense to start trying out later versions of the game –such as Street Fighter 3 and 4, as well as Capcom’s other fighting games with similar systems such as Darkstalkers and the Marvel VS series.