The Company of Myself


The Company of Myself is a 2D third person platform game, created by Eli Piilonen with artwork from Lika Marcetic and music by David Carney. Is this an ordinary platform game or something different? Let’s take a look and find out.

Your aim is to guide yourself through a series of platformed levels, each of which progress in difficulty. The levels follow a narration at the top of the screen with the level itself underneath. The first couple of narrated screens act as a walkthrough guide.

The controls are very straightforward. Directional keys are used to control your characters movement, the A key flips switches, P pauses and R restarts the level.

So, what sets The Company of Myself apart from others? Well, strangely enough it’s the action of the space bar. To start off with the space bar is used to gain entry into doors, however a few levels in this all changes. Now when you press space bar, your character disappears into a purple mist and the level resets, but this time there is someone with you. Well, that is strange; it seems to be doing what your first character did? That is because it is your character from your first go. Your first characters actions have been recorded and are now being replayed. Here is the clever part, you can still interact with this character and this makes the seemingly impossible levels possible again.

Along with this very clever interaction about half way through you are introduced to another character, Kathryn. Kathryn sets up a very moving story line; At this point the game goes back in time and tells of your relationship with her. You then solve a series of levels together. On these levels you use space bar to change between her and yourself. I will not tell you how it goes; you will have to find out.

Let’s take a look and see how some of the levels of The Company of Myself can be overcome:

Stage 4

Take your first character to the hill in front of you and press space bar, with your new character take him to the regen, and jump on top of his head. This gives you enough leverage to elevate yourself to the green door.

Stage 5

Take each one of your characters to the edge of each hill and press spacebar. Then use the regenerated character as a boost for your new character. Every time you regenerate a character make sure you wait for him to complete what he is doing before starting again, this saves confusion later on.

Stage 7

Take your first character and set him over the door to the right and press space bar. Then take your next character over to the lever, wait for your regenerated character to be in position over the door, when he is, pull the lever.

Stage 8

In stage8 of The Company of Myself game walk your character into the green barrier and continue to do so for around five seconds, then press space bar and watch your regenerated character walk through the barrier and get to the door, completing the level for you.

Stage 9

This stage is slightly more confusing, and it may take some trial and error. You have to imagine that you are jumping up the stairs even though you will still be on the ground. Remember if at any point you think you have messed you can press R to reset the level. Do not forget at the end of the stairs you need to activate the lever, the best way to do this is to walk your character along whilst you keep pressing the A key.

Stage 10

Drop your character down and wait for a second. Then walk him along to the end. Your regenerated character will drop onto the pink surface, get onto his head and enjoy the ride, when you get to the other side jump up and complete the level.

Stage 11

Very similar to stage 10, wait for 10 seconds at the start then drop your character onto the green stretch. Wait again for another 10 seconds and jump as far as you can to the right, when you do this press space bar. Now drop your new character onto the green surface and wait for your regen to get onto your head, walk as quickly as you can along the green line and hopefully if you have timed it right, your regenerated character will jump up and reach the green door.

Stage 19

One of the harder stages in the Company of Myself Game, with your first character go to the edge (just before the green surface) and press space bar, with the second character do the same, but this time jump on top of the last regen’s head. Continue to do this until you have reached the height of the green door, which is to the top right, when you have done this you guide the regenerated characters on top of your head over to where the green door is. If done correctly then one of them will hit the green door and give you the level.

Stage 20 (last stage)

Do not worry about the amount of people you use on this level. Try to jump as far as you can with each character and press space bar before they disappear, your objective is to jump off the previous characters head to get yourself over to the other side.

Hints and Tips

  • Take your time and enjoy the game, you are not battling for a high score, nor are you being timed.
  • The daisy flower that has not blossomed is a checkpoint, look out for it.

All aspects of The Company of Myself game have been well organised and very well thought out. Even though the game is short in length and not the hardest, it’s very clever and has a great story line. Even though it’s similar in many ways to other games in its genre the company of myself stands out with its intriguing storyline and is truly a great platform game.