Weebly Games Unblocked: Which Sites Are Best to Access at School?


Weebly is a free website builder by Square Inc that rivals Wix.com. Among the many different users that have used Weebly for building their first website, many weebly games portals have sprung up on the platform including some hosting flash files. These sites are general made by first timers including users at schools and are most likely accessed because they host unblocked games that school firewalls do no restrict.

Here we take a look at some of the better free gaming portals that are hosted on the platform:



This gaming site is one of the best hosted on weebly with clearly organised categories and a better visual appearance than the others, it has hundreds of games in many categories including shooting, racing and zombies.



Rivalling 77 unblocked games, Awesome Internet Games is a very active weebly based gaming portal. They have a Games of the Month List, the ability to request a game and are active on both Facebook and Twitter. Their site looks the best of them all. Their multiplayer category allows you to filter games by the number of players you wish to play with.


This portal has all it’s games ranked in alphabetical order for gamers convenience. It hosts many of the popular old school flash titles such as Boxhead Zombie Wars, the BTD series, Crush the Castle and Electric Man.


This site hosts random flash games, none of which are categorise any particular order.

We will update this page regularly with more Weebly games sites as they are created by users.