Australian Coffee Franchise Seeks to Calm Airline Passengers’ Jitters


As the sole holder of the rights to operate an Australian coffee franchisor in Thailand, Seezarian opened its first coffee shop in Bangkok at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. While Soesan has noted that he has a difficult time finding staff who love coffee, he has been working 18-hour days to accommodate nervous passengers who want something tasty to sip on while they wait to board their plane.

Given the sometimes-tense atmosphere surrounding air travel around the globe these days, more people — even those who are experienced fliers — are turning to coffee to soothe their frayed nerves. Seezarian notes that he is experimenting with specialized coffee drinks that cater to the differing levels of nervousness confessed by his customers.

The “Nervous Nellie” is a flavorful concoction of rich coffee base accentuated with a double shot of espresso with foamy steamed milk to top it off. Those airline passengers who are a bit more apprehensive can order up a drink called a “White-Knuckle Flier.” Generous amounts of white chocolate are laced with a triple shot of espresso along with the customer’s choice of flavorings. For those special customers who are on the verge of passing out while they wait, Seezarian keeps a bottle of vodka in his office.