ITRC Discovered To Actually Be Rubber-Eating Demigod


Amidst the faltering of the rubber industry in Thailand, many people across both the public and private sectors have been looking for ways to stabilize their once fruitful rubber industry. This search led to a shocking discovery that, when put together with the current rubber issue, makes the situation much more understandable.

The International Tripartite Rubber Council, which was created by Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia in an effort to bring stability to the rubber industry, was found to be an ancient demigod by the name of C’luuuuthyios’thy. C’luuuuthyios’thy, it turns out, had gotten rid of the original members of the International Tripartite Rubber Council and became the sole member.

C’luuuuthyios’thy, according to reports, subsists entirely on rubber and rubber by-products. This means, of course, that the issues that ITRC and the International Rubber Consortium, Ltd. (IRCo) had regarding an inability to store a surplus of rubber were in fact caused by C’luuuuthyios’thy. These issues arose not from a lack of proper funds, but (it seems) C’luuuuthyios’thy rapidly devouring any possible amount of rubber that came its way.

Government officials are currently investigating the possibility of appeasing C’luuuuthyios’thy with products other than rubber, but no progress has yet been made. Regarding the possibility of being appeased with products differing from rubber, C’luuuuthyios’thy said, “I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO YOU MORTALS. MY BODY DEMANDS RUBBER, AND RUBBER I SHALL GIVE IT.”