Las Vegas Company Secretly Plans to Use Thailand Data Center to Track Toilet Paper Consumption


Switch recently announced a partnership with the Thai government, in which it will build that country’s largest data center; now reports have surfaced that the organization plans to track toilet paper consumption in the Las Vegas Valley. The data center services provider will of course continue to expand its offerings. It serves countries such as China, Japan, and Australia.

An unidentified computer programmer in Thailand identified and translated a suspicious file last week, sources say. The translated text reportedly cited a conversation between two Switch executives. A recent partnership not only plans to optimize services in Thailand. The individual reported that it seemed someone was planning to map out toilet paper consumption over time, utilizing the information as part of big data.

The system, for example, could track the consumption of toilet paper in hotels over time, and compare that information between one resort or another. Residential consumption will be tracked as well, but the biggest data might come from convention goers and industrial facilities. There reportedly was one part of the plan that intended to count the toilet paper rolls being used by Hoover Dam employees.

A proponent of the plan said it’s not necessarily meant to spy on people. “They’ve been planning to build a service tunnel under the city and The Strip for years. Until now, nobody knew what it was for, but today we have a pretty good idea – track where the toilet tissue is being used, then get new supplies there as fast as possible.” The source declined additional comment.

When questioned, representatives at Siam Commercial Bank, a partner in the initial agreement, said they did not know anything about tracking toilet paper half a world away.