Thailand to Begin Outsourcing to China


Given the recent uproar over forced child labor in Thailand, Thai officials have made the tough decision to outsource the entirety of the country’s rice production to China. Within a month some of Thailand’s best yield of rice will be headed to China where workers there will begin to grow it in their countryside. Bureaucrats remain hopeful that this measure will encourage some of its strongest trading partners to rethink the economic sanctions.

A drop shipping system is currently being set up so to make the process go smoother. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of dropshipping it’s quite simple. Someone places an order in this case from Thailand and the details of the order are handed over to the Chinese supply company for fulfillment. Implementing this method will save the Thai government millions each year and cost a mere thousands. The source of labor being the biggest issue Thai officials hope that outsourcing will be the solution to its problems.

China is currently one of the biggest exporters to the United States and as far as most are aware China has no known history of committing any similar atrocities like the ones Thailand has been accused of. If this operation goes smoothly Thai officials have plans to outsource all manufacturing to China to stay on the good side of its western allies.