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The best darts games for your smartphones and tablets

Darts is probably one of the most casual games in existence. As comfortably played in a beer-soaked dive pub as it is in a large arena setting, it’s also quite a versatile game that has a hugely varied fan base comprised of people old, young, and everywhere in between. The mobile darts games here have been selected because they each appeal to a wide audience while offering something unique to each game that distinguishes them from each other. So whether it’s the comprehensive and officially-licensed PDC Darts night or the more casual fun of Darts Match, there’s no doubt a darts game here to pique the interest of almost any darts fan in the world.

Darts of Fury

darts of fury

Developer Yakuto most certainly brought their projectile and object-flight mechanics from their other sublime title Table Tennis Touch, in order to create a darts game that not only delivers in full due to its realistic physics and outrageously simple touch-and-swipe mechanics, but they also wrapped the whole experience up in a maddeningly addictive PvP Multiplayer format, too.

If you’ve ever played Miniclip’s Archery King, you’ll be in familiar territory here. Sure, Darts of Fury deals with a different sport, but its multiplayer, 1-on-1 action lets you step up to the Oche in order to play matches against other real-life opponents, winning in-game standard and premium currencies as you progress. You can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to pimp your darts by purchasing from a myriad of flight choices that make your darts look and perform better, as well as being kept hooked on the action with various game modes and competitive leagues to take part in. Call me Dart Garfunkel, because Yakuto’s Darts of Fury had me sold on its gameplay from the 501 to the end of the match and beyond.

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Darts King     

dart king

In stark contrast to the modern and flashy visual style of Darts of Fury, Darts King offers design and approach to gameplay that is notably more traditional than its Fury-ous rival. Despite its more old-school visual style (that is arguably truer to the game of darts than its rivals), Darts King still offers some supreme gameplay that promises all the classic modes: 501, 301, cricket, and around the clock are just a few of these modes. Furthermore, much like Darts of Fury, Darts King also offers a multiplayer experience where you get to put your projectile-throwing skills to good use against other players from around the world.

After sinking more time into this game than pints at your average darts event, I feel confident in saying that Darts King, despite its simple and seemingly outmoded (compared to Darts of Fury, that is) approach, the game has everything you want in a darts game. The background music may be incredibly cheesy but as well as being able to turn this off, you have a variety of game modes, a Vs mode and an online multiplayer mode, as well as many achievements and stages to unlock.

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Darts Club: PvP Multiplayer

Darts Club: PvP Multiplayer

Boombit Games want you to play against other darts fans so much, that they put PvP Multiplayer in the name of the app. Darts Club feels like a more modern-feeling and much more intensively game-ified experience than its rival Darts King. Its opening minute or so is a slow, un-skippable tutorial on how to score points as it shows you the familiar swiping mechanic that allows you to throw your darts with the flick of a finger.

From the first moment a dart is thrown, the admirable sound effects and the feel of the projectile physics feels instantly superior to Darts King, with the sound effects (and even slow-motion shots when you throw a dart of significance) giving the whole experience a bit more weight and glamour than Darts King. The modern feel of this game also comes from the general progression through the experience, too, which involves unlocking various stages, collecting coins, unlocking chests, and being encouraged to purchase the in-game currency. This doesn’t dampen the experience, though. This is the best PvP darts game for Android that isn’t Darts of Fury.

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PDC Darts Match (iOS, Android)

As the official output of the official-as-it-gets Professional Darts Corporation, PDC Darts Match already has quite a reputation to live up to. While not quite offering a simulation-level experience of the less-than-glamorous sport, this app for iOS and Android conjures up the best bits of the game and puts them into a clean and professionally-designed interface for everyone to enjoy.

Where the game really comes into its own is in its control system, which is swipe-based and offers much the same connection with the intricacies of the game as the Flick Kick Football games do for soccer/football. Your main interaction with the action is swiping upwards and in the direction that you want your dart to go. This means getting used to the sensitivity/feel of the mechanics and therefore a bit of a shallow learning curve, but players will son ease into the feel of the physics. This is when you can really begin to enjoy the content that PDC Darts Match has to offer.

And this game has content with a capital C. From games of 501 and 301 to light-hearted matches of around-the-world and more, there’s more than just one way to play darts here. You can enjoy pub-level difficulty or indeed face off against tougher opponents on the professional difficulty. There’s even matches that you can play against famous players that are based on the actual data gathered from the historical bouts in question. This title is as comprehensive as it is cleanly designed, and thus deserves much recognition for what is has to offer darts fans.

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Darts Match (IOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Motionlabs’ Darts Match is another take on the sport, albeit it a more arcade-level romp than a full-on simulation. That isn’t to say the game doesn’t have realism to offer its players however. On the contrary, it has some of the most realistic, even lifelike graphics you’ll see on this list or anywhere else on the darts end of your respective app stores.

Games of 501 and 301 are of course available to play, as are side-ventures like Cricket and Around the Clock as you’ll find in PDC Darts night or indeed any other darts game worth its salt. You can also connect with your Facebook friends and face off against them if you wish, or simply play against computer opponents and watch yourself rise up the leader board.

Making this game stand out from the crowd are two featuress: its hyper-realistic graphics (including PDC and Unicorn Darts-approved dart board design) and the ability to customise your darts from a selection of around fifty thousand combinations of flights, barrels, and shafts. So choose Darts Match if you want a great-looking darts game that caters for all abilities as well as to your customisation-loving side.

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Professional Darts Night (iOS)

pdc darts night

Available exclusively for iOS, Professional Darts Championship is an app that caters for people looking to enjoy the big darts tournaments that befall the sport on a yearly basis. Expect to engross yourself in tournaments such as the US Open, Premier League Darts, and of course, the official World Darts Championship, all based around an intuitive and empowering swipe mechanic that allows you to feel the weight of each and every one of your shots.

There’s a lot for true darts fans to enjoy here in terms of content as well. You’ve got five different modes to play through, as well as the presence of some of the big names in the darts world such as Phil “The Power” Taylor and commentary from Sid Waddell. This makes the game an authentic experience, and though not quite as comprehensive in its scope as PDC Darts Match, still provides a hell of a good time for darts fans to enjoy.


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