Talking Tom 3: What We’d Like to See


Although Talking Tom Cat 2 was not lacking in features, it’s hard to deny that the main draw of the series is the voice playback feature. For those who have yet to play a Talking Tom app, we’re referring to the virtual feline’s ability to listen in and repeat things that the player says to him. Talking Tom Cat 2 takes this one step further by enabling fans to change the pitch of the playback.

Doing Much More

Not only should Talking Tom Cat 3 retain the feature to alter the sound and pitch of a audio, it should add something unique to the mix. Having the ability to store phrases so Tom can playback the clips at any time would be nice. Having the ability to talk to Tom and carry a conversation would be even more impressive. Being able to store voice commands so that Tom could repeat a clip in response to a question may be a great way to store cute messages for loved ones. With proper parental supervision, it could be used to encourage children to initiate conversations and help them with socialization. At the very least, it could be used to impress friends at a party.

On the same note, it would also be fun to see Tom responding to commands through actions. He can purr if players praise him or frown if someone makes fun of him. He can also initiate mini games when a player mentions a key phrase. This technology exists so it shouldn’t be too hard to include these features in the next Talking Tom title.

Additional Functions

Of course, we would like to have more interactive hot spots which would prompt more actions from Tom. In Talking Tom Cat 2, everyone’s favorite furry pal moves to a new apartment. Perhaps in the next title, Outfit7 could give players multiple locations to go around in. Maybe give them the ability to spot Tom’s buddies while he’s out walking in a park or eating at a restaurant. Ben, for instance, can come and interrupt Tom’s meal to play a prank on him. Keeping things a bit random would help ease the predictability of the app and make achievements even more satisfying to unlock.

Talking Tom Cat 2 gave players the option to dress Tom up in silly outfits. He can look like a pirate or wear a Hawaiian shirt and a sombrero. A simple design feature could be added to the third game. Giving players a chance to customize Tom using their own creations, be it hand-picked from a combination of existing items or drawn using their mobile device, would be a great way to encourage community interactions. Having fans sharing their designs also spreads the word about Talking Tom and his friends, which would be a win for fans and the app’s creators alike.

Parental Guidance Helps

Lastly, Talking Tom Cat would benefit from better parental controls. The app is undeniably entertaining for kids so having better locks when accessing the settings would help keep them safe. Having options to toggle specific functions in the app, such as the ability to record voices aside from simply barring access to online features would be great too. A “night time mode” which limits Tom’s hijinks with his pals would help the little ones unwind before bedtime and having a means to remind kids about things like brushing their teeth (with Tom, of course) would give more of a purpose for the app.