Bhutan and Thailand Set to Name-Swap This April


Since 1989 both countries have made efforts to strengthen their relations with one another. Their last good will endeavor “Friendship Park” was established in 2009. The park was established as a way of celebrating the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries as well as the coronation of the fifth king of Bhutan. Now approaching the 30th year anniversary of the countries improved diplomatic ties, several more events are set to take place including a name swap this April.

There may be a bit more than camaraderie fueling this move however, as both countries will greatly benefit economically as well. Thailand has recently been threatened with sanctions due to its alleged child labor violations. Bhutan has found a steady source of income from tourism and hopes for it to grow. Together the two can achieve the results they so desperately want. The US will lift its sanctions on Thailand and Bhutan will attract far more visitors.

The long anticipated move by some of the most popular countries in South Asia was much overdue. Both being some of the world’s major producers of rice and both having a predominantly Buddhist population, it only seems natural that these two countries should be on good terms with one another