Thailand’s Tachai Island Closed to Tourists Over Environmental Concerns


Authorities in Thailand have made the decision to close down Tachai Island in the Andaman Sea to tourists. The move is an effort to protect the underwater fauna and flora as well as the coral. Tachai Island is a key diving destination in Thailand.

Efe news quoted an official as saying, “The Island is closed for an indefinite time. Too many tourists have visited it.” The official stated that visitors have destroyed the corals and ecology of the island.

Tourists will be able to visit Tachai Island until October 15 after which, it will be closed to visitors. The committee in charge of managing Similan National Park will continue monitoring the situation to determine when the island’s recovery period is over.

Two diving centers in the area will still be open to tourists. These operations offer deep sea diving, which only has a minimal impact on the environment. Tourists who engage in this activity are instructed not to damage nature, according to the official.

The golden snail and the hermit crab that uses the snail’s shell as shelter are just two of many species affected by damage from tourists.

Officials say that when the island is finally reopened to tourists, more stringent measures will be put into place to protect the marine life and the ecosystem.

Despite its lack of hotels and opening its doors just 6 years ago to tourists, Tachai Island’s stunning landscape, beaches and location in the Similan National Park have made it a popular tourist destination.