Top Police Car Chase Games


Time to hit the asphalt and push your engines to the limit; we listed up some of our favorite police car chase games for you to choose from. From the fastest cars to the craziest of courses, no matter how you like to race, expect to see something just for you. The best part of this is that you do not even need a license. Of course, you might want to invest a little for a good steering wheel controller setup in order to get the absolute feel of high speed driving.

Need for Speed RivalsNeed for Speed Rivals

Bringing the best aspects of Most Wanted with Hot Pursuit, Rivals is an incredibly amazing game to play: impressive lineup of branded cars, realistic looking details, and expansively great environments all provide the players with something awesome and cool to play in every single time.

But what truly makes this game shine is the multiplayer. Dropping in and out of games is easy and accessible; and as long as you have a good web connection, it is easy to team up with 5 other players and take down as many target vehicles as you possibly can. There’s a huge map, so expect be to careening down highways at blazing speeds as you all race towards each target that appears.

On the other hand, if you are the ‘chasee’ of a chase, then expect to a no holds barred approach from your pursuers. This gets particularly gritty if you have a ton of points already racked up and suddenly, half a dozen Ferraris are trying to mow you down.

The action is fast paced and exciting, and watching the slow-motion car takedown videos is almost as good and satisfying as the ones on Burnout Paradise. Of course, expect that to be a major incentive to ram every single contender you see in a race.

Need for Speed: Most WantedNeed for Speed: Most Wanted

High speed racers can expect to find a huge map to explore in Most Wanted –which is an incredibly welcome surprise. Races are no longer started by just entering a menu, you have to actually drive there. This is an interesting concept since being able to drive around the city on your own will allow you to understand the various twists and turns of the courses much easier. You will be weaving through traffic, up and down interstate roads, and ramming every single car that is standing in your way.

But before you think that bumping your opponents off every race is all that happens, think again. Cops can start getting in on the action and force you to a stop –immediately changing the pace of race. This game is all about non-stop high speed action from the moment you load it up till you turn it off.

The huge map is extensive and for those new to the game, a little confusing to drive through at high speeds (since you will not have much time to take account of your surroundings. But as with many cities, there is more than a single road or route that will get you to your destination, and understanding the best ways to get around will often net you the top spots of a race.

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit

There is no doubt that the newer NFS games are totally rad –but if we were to trace it all back, all that awesomeness starts out here: with NFS Hot Pursuit. What is so special about Hot Pursuit that it manages to be more amazing than any other NFS title released before it? One answer: Criterion Games –the same folks behind the epic crash racing game, Burn Out.

Criterion brings its high-speed “drift, demolish, destroy” formula from the crazy streets of Burnout to the heavily licensed NFS franchise. The result is an amazing combination of great branded vehicles (which Criterion never had), and a racing game engine that allowed the world to smash up supercars like never before (which Criterion can always deliver).

Hot Pursuit 2010 builds heavily on the content and foundation laid down by the first iteration of the title back in NFS3: Hot Pursuit (1998). This includes the ability to play as cops, form barricades, and even deploying spike strips. All these elements have been brought to today’s age of amazing high rate FPS, HD visuals, and Criterion’s own blend of merciless car-on-car action.

Races in Hot Pursuit are action packed –aside from competing with excellent AI racers, players also have to contend with heavy squad cars trying to take them down. And while it is possible to takedown a cop, racer cars are significantly lighter despite being faster. Making things even more interesting is the deployment of special high speed interceptor police –who drive supercars that can match that of players. As mentioned, barricades and spike strips are also part of the police arsenal; making this list even bigger is the inclusion of air support in the form of police helicopters.

Burnout ParadiseBurnout Paradise

Welcome to Paradise City and get ready to take down as many cars as you can! The last entry to the Burnout series, Paradise, lets players get as wild as they can on a massive open-world style city with miles and miles of roads and an unlimited supply of randomized traffic to blaze through. Hungry for a race? There are plenty of stoplight challenges you can get engaged in –from regular Burnout races to the insanely super-fun road rage mode.

For anyone new to the series, Burnout is a famous racing series from Criterion Games. The game mechanics allow for the use of nitro style boosts, drifting, and most importantly, aggressive takedowns. Smash up, psyche up, and crash down on your opponents as you careen through open roads. Races do not have pre-set courses –you can take any road and any path available to you. Mastering the roads and shortcuts means getting anywhere faster.

Fans of the original game will be happy to know that Crash mode has been upgraded into a bigger showtime mode that allows you to decimate a huge number of vehicles after you trash your own. Aside from this, there’s a big shift from the old mission selection setup to an open world environment (this is great for exploration, but a bit of a drag for those who just want to jump straight to race events).

The CrewThe Crew

For those of you seeking a very multiplayer-centric experience and one of the latest police car chase games, this is The Crew. In terms of graphics and delivery, the game pales in comparison to the more glamorous appearances of NFS, Gran Turismo, and other major racing games. But what it lacks for in delivery, it delivers in a connected gameplay experience: you and a full ‘crew’ of other players will embark on a variety of missions ranging from races to getaways as you ride across several states worth of roads.

Oh yes, we said ‘several states’. The Crew’s expansive game world spans several cities and locales – this is the closest you can possibly get a virtual cross country drive. And add in the fact that you get to experience the game with other players means makes it so much more fun. There’s also a story-driven campaign mode available that players can participate in solo or with a crowd (though despite the presence of this mode, the game requires a constant internet connection to play).